Agents of Dreamland [hrmtc] (1)
Totalitopia [hrmtc] (1)
King Dragon [hrmtc] (1)
In the Pronaos of the Temple of Wisdom [hrmtc] (1)
Love and Other Games of Chance [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Grady Louis McMurtry [hrmtc] (1)
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Summary for the week ending Jul 8, 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
The Mystery of Numbers [hrmtc] (1)
Death’s Master [hrmtc] (1)
“Anyone who destroys more than he creates must be miserable beyond expression” [hrmtc] (1)
In Bad Faith [hrmtc] (1)
“‘Platonic’ my ass” [hrmtc] (1)
“it is human nature to seek simple solutions to complex problems” [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Swami Vivekananda [hrmtc] (1)
“all tends toward spiritual evolution” [hrmtc] (1)
“Time enough for food and drink after we’ve sent this fellow to hell.” [hrmtc] (1)
“It is hard, in fact, not to imagine the Angelic Conversations as a kind of Elizabethan sitcom” [hrmtc] (1)
Summary for the month of June 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
“the key to human development is building on who you already are” [hrmtc] (1)
“a hierarchy of competence with respect to human consciousness—will never be settled to everyone’s satisfaction” [hrmtc] (1)
Feast of Simon Magus 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
“Given a fulcrum, a long-enough lever, and a place to stand, I could topple this son of a bitch.” [hrmtc] (1)
“The shimmer of it took after the moon itself, hard and without poetry, stuck in the orbit of the thoughtless earth like a California pearl.” [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Johannes Valentinus Andreae [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Marie Anne Lenormand [hrmtc] (1)
Feast of John the Baptist 2018 [hrmtc] (1)