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Western Mandalas of Transformation 1 June 26, 2019
I have been forced by extraordinary evidence to credit that which ran counter, diametrically, to all my theories. I have been made the dupe of a preternatural conspiracy. 1 June 25, 2019
Alchemical Works 1 June 24, 2019
all symptoms are purposeful, whether they are positive or negative. 1 June 23, 2019
Tetragrammaton 1 June 22, 2019
Is the progressive part of the world going to wait until the legally appointed guardians of the truth have found out the true value of the treasure in their possession? 1 June 21, 2019
Music in Renaissance Magic 1 June 20, 2019
Knowest thou not that there is a belief in many parts of our native land that at particular seasons certain doomed men throw off the human shape and take that of ravenous wolves? 1 June 19, 2019
Summary for two weeks ending June 16th, 2019 1 June 19, 2019
Summoning Spirits 1 June 18, 2019
But, hey, this kind of thing’s going on in libraries everywhere, you know. More or less, that is. 1 June 17, 2019
Access to Western Esotericism 1 June 16, 2019
The Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript 1 June 14, 2019
The Cube of Space 1 June 12, 2019
Sitting around all night in a dark apartment with the TV and computer screens providing all the ambient light is bound to affect your perception after a while. 1 June 11, 2019
Byways of Esoteric History 1 June 10, 2019
The passionate ecstasy that engendered his poetry was excited by the stark, pagan purity of his sensuality, which found its talismanic representation in the tower struck by lightning. 1 June 9, 2019
Robert Fludd 1 June 8, 2019
I moved forward and out of my embracing surroundings, taking in a deep breath, knowing I was being admired by both good and evil. 1 June 7, 2019
The Manual of Harmonics of Nicomachus the Pythagorean 1 June 6, 2019
I curse the engineer who thought this was a problem in need of a solution. 1 June 5, 2019
Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition 1 June 4, 2019
Summary for two weeks ending June 2nd, 2019 1 June 3, 2019
A Natural History of Hell 1 June 2, 2019
Hermetic Library album call for 2019 submissions 1 June 1, 2019
The Last Days of Magic 1 May 31, 2019
Finding the right expression is always a fight: The writer in him wages battle against the editor; one is bold, the other—doubtful. They struggle inside him for control of his pen; one—to write, the other—to cross out. 1 May 30, 2019
Tarot Tales 1 May 29, 2019
Staying with the Trouble 1 May 29, 2019
King was never anti-American; he was always anti-injustice in America and anywhere else. Love of truth and love of country could go hand-in-hand. 1 May 28, 2019