Feast of Dionysus [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Nancy Cunard [hrmtc] (1)
“The girl’s silken body glinted in the light of the razor-thin crescent moon. I was spellbound.” [hrmtc] (1)
“to any cultured listener it seemed to have little bits of everything and everybody put in at odd moments” [hrmtc] (1)
“Is that too complicated?” [hrmtc] (1)
“he had come to a conclusion that there was but one good thing in the world” [hrmtc] (1)
“the moment he decided to give it a look” [hrmtc] (1)
Ladyboy [gatherum] (1)
Summary for the week ending Mar 11, 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
“fixed in ways no one else understood or found particularly convenient” [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Israel Regardie [hrmtc] (1)
“We receive no formal training in emotional regulation, ability to focus, healthy forms of relaxation, nor in a dozen or so skills that would be invaluable to ourselves and society.” [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Lola Zaza Crowley [hrmtc] (1)
“he had to remember that these people were more dangerous than chimpanzees” [hrmtc] (1)
“The towers, dead at the top, lacked the guidance of enlightened, purified souls” [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Johannes Dee [hrmtc] (1)
Loose Ends [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Manes [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Mary Butts [hrmtc] (1)
Feast of Lao Tzu [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Saladin [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Philip K Dick [hrmtc] (1)
“basking in its celestial warmth, time was of the essence” [hrmtc] (1)
The Mummy Case [hrmtc] (1)
Alan Moore’s Light of Thy Countenance [hrmtc] (1)
Summary for the week ending Mar 4, 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
The World’s Tragedy [hrmtc] (1)
Rabelaisian Dialectic and the Platonic-Hermetic Tradition [hrmtc] (1)
The Body of Light [hrmtc] (1)
The Perfumed Garden of the Shaykh Nefzawi [hrmtc] (1)