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Romantic Image 1 August 25, 2019
The Devil’s Footsteps 1 August 23, 2019
“Vile, depraved souls!” he shouted, trying to remember where he’d left off. “Fools and harlots!” But it was no use. His diatribe had devolved from insulting to incoherent. 1 August 22, 2019
Does the New Testament Imitate Homer? 1 August 21, 2019
He said nothing: seldom do those who are silent make mistakes. 1 August 20, 2019
A Princess of Roumania 1 August 19, 2019
This is my fault for being the departmental computer guy: when the machines break, I wave my dead chicken and write voodoo words on their keyboards until they work again. 1 August 18, 2019
He knew then there was no going back. All paths were closed to him except the plain horror of the present. 1 August 16, 2019
And then she took her wishes with her into sleep. 1 August 14, 2019
The Rune Oracle 1 August 13, 2019
Your entire life, your very being, your physical body, indeed, every ongoing living process must be a talisman of the nature of your Angel. 1 August 12, 2019
The Rosicrucian Enlightenment 1 August 11, 2019
“Is Jane magic?” Martha whispered to Katharine. “I don’t know. I think so,” Katharine whispered back. Jane glared at them. They went for two blocks in silence. “Are we magic, too?” “I don’t know. I’m scared to find out.” 1 August 10, 2019
The Rites of Odin 1 August 9, 2019
So what is the nature of this library? What function does it serve other than being a filing system for books? What, to use the phrase beloved of cultural criticism, does it say about me, and to whom is it addressing this message? 1 August 8, 2019
The R’lyeh Text 1 August 7, 2019
I poured out another glass of exercise wine and set my mind to it. 1 August 6, 2019
The R’lyeh Text 1 August 5, 2019
Much of my rebelliousness starts with indifference to what is urgently important to others. 1 August 4, 2019
The Prophet 1 August 3, 2019
“Oh, my,” she said, her heart racing. “You are a bad little kitty.” 1 August 2, 2019
The Pathworkings of Aleister Crowley 1 August 1, 2019
“No, we’re going to provide them with a valuable life lesson.” “Don’t trust strangers?” I suggested. 1 July 31, 2019
Omnium Gatherum: July 31, 2019 1 July 31, 2019
The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles 1 July 30, 2019
Summary for two weeks ending July 28th, 2019 1 July 30, 2019
Selfrealisation 1 July 29, 2019
He had a special feeling for what he called the “correct miscalculation,” for he believed that mistakes were often as revealing as the right answers. This gave us confidence even when our best efforts came to nothing. 1 July 29, 2019
The Occult Experience 1 July 28, 2019
Shut up! How can you be so bad at secret societies? You're in two of them! 1 July 27, 2019