“Wherever there is a want, the supply will not fail to come, for there is no vacuum in nature.” [hrmtc] (1)
“we’ll sell it back and forth to each other forever from our living rooms” [hrmtc] (1)
“like wine, grass, home-baked bread, a real nourishment for body and soul” [hrmtc] (1)
Summary for the week ending Apr 1, 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
“I am afraid my tastes are not sufficiently aesthetic to allow me to appreciate a sickly style of beauty.” [hrmtc] (1)
“one might be taken for one of those dreadful advanced people that are always clamouring for free thought, and free speech, and free everything” [hrmtc] (1)
“He was a wilful child, and his mother nicknamed him Therion, the Great Beast 666, from the Book of Revelation.” [gatherum] (2)
“long-lost languages that have almost entirely vanished from the historical record” [gatherum] (4)
Greater Feast of Emanuel Swedenborg [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Jane Wolfe [hrmtc] (1)
“It was the curse of living a life controlled by words on a page.” [hrmtc] (1)
“I was half conscious and in that place where I usually see the faces of people I don’t know melt into dark eyed skulls and other horrors.” [hrmtc] (1)
“time doesn’t teach; it merely brings us a sense of weariness and of growing older” [hrmtc] (1)
Summary for the week ending Mar 25, 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Mansur al-Hallaj [hrmtc] (1)
Feast of Priapus 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe [hrmtc] (1)
Spring Equinox 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
Devotion and Decay in Interstitial Space [announce] (1)
The Equinox of the Gods 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
The Supreme Ritual 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
Annus V:iv Thelemic New Year 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
"just ask Manchester’s Primitive Knot, about their 'darker, faster, louder, shamanic, occulted noise.'" [gatherum] (1)
Summary for the week ending Mar 18, 2018 [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Jacobus Burgundus Molensis [hrmtc] (1)
Feast of Dionysus [hrmtc] (1)
Greater Feast of Nancy Cunard [hrmtc] (1)
“The girl’s silken body glinted in the light of the razor-thin crescent moon. I was spellbound.” [hrmtc] (1)
“to any cultured listener it seemed to have little bits of everything and everybody put in at odd moments” [hrmtc] (1)
“Is that too complicated?” [hrmtc] (1)