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"a revolutionary idyll, a beautiful outline sketch of a future society based on liberty, equality and fraternity." [hrmtc] (1)
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“Whatever it is, I can’t say, for I’ve never seen it and anyone who has is sent insane.” [hrmtc] (1)
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“In H+ there is only a belief in the potential of yourself and in the potential of your fellow human beings.” [hrmtc] (1)
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“All too many people are corks on the sea of life.” [hrmtc] (1)
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“he spits venom like the cobras on Noah’s Ark and farts brimstone” [hrmtc] (1)
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“I want something I can’t have.” [hrmtc] (1)
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“Eventually, you will die and be matter energized in a slightly different way.” [hrmtc] (1)
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