A sneak peek into Opus Alchymicum by J Daniel Gunther


This present-day work of personal alchemy is truly a unique addition to the existing corpus of Hermetic teaching. Printed for the first time in 2011 by Collection 777 in Australia it is now available in a second edition published by Wennofer House.

Opus Alchymicum , second edition - the white edition-limited to 500 copies. A bookshelf size of 9" x 12" with 56 full color pages, white cloth bound hard cover and slipcase. This edition also contains additional study images and introduction.

Robert Buratti in the foreword gives a synopsis of this opus as follows.

Insightful and personal, it provides a rare, contemporary example of the power within images, and the spiritual process that awakens and re-awakens all powers within the individual. Created by J. Daniel Gunther between 1979 and 1981, during a particularly painful period of change, the series forms an account of transformation and a gradual realization of the Great Work. Beginning with the image, Opus Alchymicum and the union of elements, the collection traces the gradual transformation of the artist. Ranging between the highly composed to automatic, the images themselves draw together ancient symbols of initiation with a confident eye for balance and color reminiscent of the alchemical woodcuts of old.

As the philosophy and images arose spontaneously from the unconscious in dreams, they were recorded in rough art sketches and notes in the early morning in an effort to capture the experience. Originally the author intended to recreate them in a more refined form later but found that the prana of its gnosis lay in its original form.

This book opens as an epistle from Eugnostos the Blessed concerning the Opus Alchymicum in the words of Stobaeus of Macedonia and continues its discourse on the work of the lapis or as I call it the Christ Stone that represents the Self.

The text of this book is written in English, while the art is displayed with Greek, Hebrew and Latin verses to further define its meaning. This makes this book a must have for persons attracted to the art symbolism and writings of alchemy.


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Omnium Gatherum: March 30, 2019

Wow, the book looks absolutely stunning. I’m going to look into it right now. Really impressive work.