About the announce category


This category is for people to announce calendar events, goods and services, creations of various kinds and gatherings that are of relevant interest to the audience of the Hermetic Library.

For calendar events consider providing the following information in the post title when possible and reasonable: Event at Place in Region by Organizing Entity on Date at Time.

Generally, each announcement should be made only once, not repeated. Self-promotion in this category is okay and prefered. Obfuscated, shortened, 3rd party and affiliate links are not allowed, but a good link to a canonical first party source for more information should always be provided. If you are acting as paid, compensated or arranged agent on behalf of someone else, contact the Librarian to explain the relationship before posting.

For each announcement, consider adding optional tags to help people find what they are interested in. Just three tags is a good number, beyond which three may be less useful, and the three recommended are: type of event, location of event, and topic of event. For example, a tarot workshop at Treadwell’s in London could have the tags: Workshop, London, Tarot.

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