About the gatherum category



This is a place for posting Omnium Gatherum links, an irregular hodgepodge of links gathered together …

Omnium Gatherum posts to the blog come from the Top Weekly Gatherum Topics.

Please gander through past Omnium Gatherum posts on the blog to see examples but the general idea is to collect interesting things that didn’t make it into separate posts but were things I wanted to share or point out. Here, currently, the basic format I use for each link is as follows:

Linked Article Title — Author, Source [HT indirect source]; from the optional-hyphen dept.

Interesting quote from the article

I am primarily looking for links that are related in some way to the subject matter of the library, but at least to be of likely interest to the same audience. Generally, this is also not the place to self-promote, but rather to gather together links from other sources than one’s own self. I also try not to steal the punchline or big finish from things I post, preferring to find something compelling within the resource that leads people to the article without taking the finale away.

Previously I was sending these all to myself via email and then creating the Omnium Gatherum posts from there, but this is how I will be collecting my links now and now there is the possibility that you might have things to share as well. Also, since each of these is a topic, there can be discussion about what thoughts, feelings and connections relate to these.