Apophenia and animism perception in nature

The rocks and water are our ancestors or at least that is what some of our ancestors believed. I am not saying I believe this but I can see why they may have thought this by looking or considering the patterns I see in nature. I see the faces of an anthropormorphic style in rocks, wood, clouds, ice, reflecting light , smoke and so on. For me it is a thought provoking exercise induced by the patterns themselves. I am thinking that our ancestors saw the same patterns. they were not able to photographically document them but the experience of see them was enough for legend and superstition to begin. I have a site with some fun images if anyone cares to look.https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AllenComeaucanada/posts
my profile picture is taken from the space shuttle challenger explosion. at near to the same moment that the explosion took the lives of 7 crewmembers the universe shows us a representation in a pattern of what looks like a mans profile with a hat or helmet on. interesting to some. I am interested in this phenomena . thanks for reading.
allen comeau

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This would have better been a post with an actual visual in it, but welcome to the pool and consider that for next time!

how do I add a visual ? I wrote to the fella that sent me the link to ask?

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As I mentioned in my email reply, simply drag and drop your image to the composition area. As it says in the hint “Drag or paste images” there:

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