Bit of a visual redesign and new logo for the BBS

This week I’ve been working on a bit of a redesign and a new logo for the BBS here. So you’ve probably noticed that the BBS looks a bit different. What’s cool is it’s all just done in CSS so no new coding was needed. Well, the new BBS logo isn’t in CSS, so not all all. Basically, I made the logo and site a bit more akin to Google’s Material Design guidelines.

The new logo and icon aren’t everywhere yet. I’m still showing the old logo in the favicon and the apple tile. But you can see the new logo is simpler and without the gradient or the abraxas.

There’s a simple flat icon.

and a compressed flat icon that includes the echo in the center.

There’s also a logo with the echo in the center of the S, but I’m not as enamoured with that.

So, I use the logo without the echo in S and the compressed logo icon with the echo inside currently. The compressed logo icon shows up when you’re browsing a specific post and scroll down, so that the post title zooms into the navigational header. I’m not using the flat icon without echo or the logo with the echo right now, but they exist.

I’m also working on getting Patreon-Discourse integration working, but it is throwing errors right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that running soon. I’ll say more about that when it is up, but basically it does two things: allows for social login to the BBS using Patreon credentials and automatically grants and removes a Patreon badge and access to the private Patreon lounge.

Cool beans. And, hopefully more cool beans soon.