Check out the Omnium Gatherum board on Pinterest

Things have been a bit slow in the category since I switched up how I do these posts. I was doing a weekly summary of library activity at the library and a weekly Omnium Gatherum post, but it was a lot of work and I didn’t get the sense that people enjoyed them. So, I thought I’d try making it less work, but still doing them by switching it up, using this category for collecting and preparing the Omnium Gatherum posts. Turns out I was still the only one posting, so, while it did help a little bit, it didn’t really help a lot, or get people interested in participating. I took a break from this, and stopped doing it in Sept '15.

Well, recently, I started using Pinterest, an account for the library that I’ve had for ages, but not used for anything. There’s two boards there, one for highlighted quotes in the books I’ve been reading, and another for the same irregular hodgebodge of links gathered together under Omnium Gatherum.

I haven’t figured out how, or if, to bring this full circle back to this category yet; but if people have an interest in participating, feel free to jump in here and get things going again in spite of me!