Collapsed Hermetic and Symposium categories into Discussion

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and decided to just go ahead and do it: I’ve collapsed the Hermetic and Symposium categories into Discussion.

Originally, I thought that the Hermetic category would be where discussion links on the main library site would direct guests to have conversations about the site. The Symposium was intended to be a container for special topical discussion threads. Well, both of those are discussions, so why not just move the existing posts into #discussion and use tags and the initial post to identify specific threads as special kinds of discussion?

All three categories have been very low traffic, so there hasn’t been much reason, such as complexity or confusion, to have them separated out.

Yeah. So, that’s done.

Symposium will now be identified threads under Discussion. Eventually, when I figure out the best way to do it, technically, I’ll have links on the main site for an opportunity to get involved in discussions that point to threads under Discussion as well.