Creating new meta sub-categories and moving discussion to TL1

I’ve created two new sub-categories for #meta (literally inspired by the old Barbelith meta fora), one for #meta:policy and one for #meta:conversation. I’ve moved all the posts I’ve previously made in meta to the new policy sub-category.

I’ve also locked the old #discussion forum to TL1. So what that means is that new users will not see it, and it is not public. Once a new user graduates, by using the BBS, from “new” user to “basic” user, from TL0 to TL1, they will automatically have access to the discussion forum, and any sub fora that develop there, if any, over time.

Here’s what I’m thinking about this. The conversation forum is a place for new users to introduce themselves and begin to get involved. They can read #announce, #gatherum and #hrmtc posts. Once a new user has been involved a little bit on the BBS, they will have access to the full discussion forum, which, to my mind, is basically and pretty much all the spaces that the old Barbelith used to offer in the topical rainbow coloured fora.

I used to do more of this kind of sub-category thing, and then moved entirely away from it in favour of using tags as a let proscribed structure, allowing, instead, the emergence of a folksonomy. Well, I think I’ll try this for a while and see what happens.