Five years and still here

Well, how about that. The BBS is five years old now, five years since May '14.

Still not a sufficient critical mass for community, but the BBS continues to be a place for some self-sustaining functions: #hrmtc for comments on library blog posts, community #announce and #gatherum.

There is a space for every other kind of #discussion that might occur, if they occur.

One use for this place that I’d always intended, was for this to become a space for discussions that connected to the pages on the library itself, but never really integrated that into either place, here or there.

Of course, it seems like a critical mass of people participating toward a self-sustaining and entertaining community would be better. I don’t know what critical mass would look like if it happened, or how many people participating would be needed. I suppose: “I say to you againe, doe not call up Any that you cannot put downe”. But, we’re not there yet, either way. However, in spite of that, perhaps out of sheer stubbornness if nothing else, this space continues to have a functional purpose to exist.

Anyhow, I thought I’d post something to mark the occasion: five years! Thanks for checking out the BBS. Be sure to check out and for links to all of the other things. Huzzah!


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