"great-great grandson of … H.H. Holmes says that his ancestor was Jack the Ripper"



Jack The Ripper And H.H. Holmes Were The Same Person, Suggests Relative—Gabe Paoletti, All That Is Interesting

A great-great grandson of U.S. serial killer H.H. Holmes says that his ancestor was Jack the Ripper.

Indeed, Jeff Mudgett contends that he has evidence that his ancestor, H.H. Holmes, was Jack The Ripper. In supporting his claim, Mudgett says that the two had similar handwriting; that Holmes was a deft surgeon like Ripper; that his great-great grandfather was indeed in London when the killings took place, and that his ancestor closely resembles the police sketch of the London serial killer. He likewise vows to reveal further evidence that the two killers were the same person in American Ripper, a series on the subject which will debut soon on the History Channel.

Via HH Holmes’ Great-Great-Grandson Claims Serial Killer May Have Also Been Jack the Ripper. The great-great-grandson of Chicago’s infamous “Devil in the White City” claims in a new series to have evidence that his great-grandfather was also Jack the Ripper, but what evidence he has remains to be seen.

“I am a descendent of the devil,” Jeff Mudgett says in a preview for the segment airing Tuesday night. “I have uncovered credible evidence which suggests that Holmes was Jack the Ripper.”

It’s a claim that could unlock clues to two mysteries that have lived on for decades, though the evidence Mudgett is said to have remains to be seen.