<:// [HELLO] I am IZU. >



It is nice to meet you [ALL]. My current track of study has taken me to Lodovico Lazzarelli and the Crater Hermetis, I intend to move forward to the linked article [ https://muse.jhu.edu/article/263686/pdf ] and then onto Agrippa’s Three Books once I’ve an apprehension of the current [MATERIAL].

The main hitches in my current path are [FINANCIAL] in that I can’t quite purchase the book on Lodovico quite yet (and my local library hours are deathly). But in time those barriers fall and I look forward to [LEARNING] more. >

Summary for the year 2017

No particular place or thread for introductions, but #discussion is a good place for them. (I’ve thought about creating an “introduce yourself” thread on occasion, but haven’t yet.) Welcome to the BBS!