Hrmtc Underground BBS logo

It is both a little thing and a big thing at the same time, but I thought I’d post a bit about my thinking around the creation of the initial logo for this BBS.

I started sketching out a few rough ideas, but I ended up coming around to something that included both the Hrmtc mutant Abraxas and the discussion icon from the navigation menu at the library.

The mutant Abraxas is something I created a while back and which for me represents the more wild and wooly state of the material on the Hrmtc site than the primary Hermetic site. The discussion icon is something that I created for the old discussion links on each page, and will be added back to the site navigation once I integrate links to this new BBS.

As I was playing with the discussion icon, at some point, I pulled an Okuda and realized that upside down it looked a lowercase b. And, so I added a smaller internal icon to further define the shape suggesting the letter. I was going to use just the one, but further iterations helped me to discover that I could also make the letter s from these elements as well. Thus, I had a graphical BBS logo, at this point with a simple uniform gradient.

By playing with the gradient, I realized that I could tell a story about discussion and emergent dialogue, where the letters of BBS became sequence of word balloons in an exchange that begins A-B, B-A and completes with a blending from which emerges the Hrmtc mutant Abraxas.

The final S, which is symbolic of the hope for a place of emergent dialogue, in this logo is what I’ve pulled out to make the various favourite icons for the BBS.

I thought I’d also point out that before developing the story form of the BBS logo, I did also play with creating the letters for Hrmtc as well, but the result is more amusing than suitable. Just for kicks, and perhaps a bit of design pain, here’s what that looked like, and I think you’ll see why I moved on …

Anyhow, there’s a bit of story about the logo, and the story contained in the logo itself, that I thought you might be interested in hearing!