Im new and need advice if possible about hermetic teachings


I am new to hermetic teachings and have read the kabalion and some of the corpus hermeticum. I was wonder what other books and things to read and study. That being said I’m not really interested in newer age works like the golden Dawn I feel they are heading off the path that I am wanting to travel. I’m looking for anything related to mental arts like telekinesis, telepathics ect. If I were to quote the phrase “everything is mind” then all we need is mind. I don’t see the use of rituals, symbols and things of that sort. The older the material and closer to the origin of hermetic teachings the better. Thanks for your time and patience.


You may be interested in the Hermetism, Sacred Texts, PGM, Grimoire, Enochia, and Norton’s Classics of Magick sections of the library, and so forth, among others, much of which can be found using site search and keywords of interest.