“It’s a vast study … It helps to have some camaraderie on this search.”



The Old School of the New Age. Neighborhood Joint—Sam Kestenbaum, The New York Times

Between rush-hour traffic and crowds from the nearby sports bar, passers-by could miss Quest Bookshop, a plain storefront set back from the street and wedged next to a Chinese restaurant in Midtown East.

But for those looking, the pale fluorescent glow of the shop window is a beacon.

Helena Miel, a middle-aged woman from New Jersey with bangles on her arms, came to Quest for a pair of protective candles. Dreamcatchers hung from the ceiling inside, the feathers swaying as Ms. Miel opened the door. “This,” Ms. Miel confided to the cashier as she let out a little sigh, “is my oasis.”

Alexander Sprinkle, an 81-year-old hairdresser from Queens stopped at the shop on his way home from the salon. Mr. Sprinkle joined the Society more than 20 years ago and said the learning never ends. “It’s a vast study,” he said. “It helps to have some camaraderie on this search.”

Summary for the week ending Nov 26, 2017