“It’s on a scale, with a reach, that’s beyond anything beyond the Discordian originators ever have imagined”



Deeper Into The Magick Grant Morrison Interview Part 2, an interview by “Robert Anton Wilson biographer Prop Anon, and Laura Kang, February 2017 in Brooklyn NY” at Mondo 2000, links to The Voudon Gnostic Workbook on the library blog.

[GM:] The next year, in spring 1994, I was in New Zealand to launch The Invisibles with a bungee-jump and a sigil and I found The Voudon Gnostic Workbook (by Michael Bertiaux) which I’d been looking for. I’m reading up on that and I discover that part of Ghede’s family, you know, there’s the insect loa, and it talked specifically about scorpion gods. And that’s where I learn the name of Zaraguin, his wife, Mystere Araignee, and their two scorpion children… and I find out “Zaraguin governs the base of the spine.” The experience freaked me out so I didn’t spend too much time with Voudon after that. I sort of kept a vague connection with Ghede but the kind of dedication and bloody commitment this path required got to feel like something beyond my pay scale.

It’s like they took the Discordian Operation Mindfuck and started using it as a political strategy.

GM: Yeah. I was reading about Operation Mindfuck earlier and I thought “Jesus this is what’s happening now and it’s been perfected by the other side.” It’s on a scale, with a reach, that’s beyond anything beyond the Discordian originators ever have imagined.

Indeed, we all need to get our magick and critical thinking skills up for these current times. I’ll wrap it up here. You seem to have maintained a low key and approachable personal style in your career, all without a cult of personality around you. Do you think reading Robert Anton Wilson helped you maintain a more grounded perspective around the notion of fame?

GM: He was always grounded and that’s what I loved about him. What remains for me is the humor. When a philosopher loses his or her sense of humor, they’re in danger of becoming one of those cult-leader-magus ideologue assholes. Laughter can banish any and all demons. Wilson always laughed at the world and himself. He laughed at everything. He was a very serious man, a very well-read and intellectual man, but he found it all FUNNY and I think the ability to find humor in any situation is one of our greatest survival skills.

Praise Bob!

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