Just arrived here from The Hermetic Library discord

Greetings, Librarian. I just arrived here from The Hermetic Library discord. I am looking over the BBS and am interested in interacting!

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Thanks for stopping in, and welcome to the BBS! And, you know, I think you’ll find this BBS better than the old Discord! I hope so anyway.

Is it acceptable to chat here?

I love to read! I am currently stepping back a few years to take in Bram Stoker’s The Jewel Of Seven Stars, currently right around a quarter of the way through the book. Have you read this book?

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Yeah! I’ve moved your posts into a new topic over at #meta:conversation. This is a good place for general conversation. Once you’ve been active enough on the BBS to reach “trust level 1” you’ll also see that there’s another place for #discussion … but for right now, here’s the place!

Though, it is a bit quiet around here still. Haven’t gotten to a critical mass of active people to create or sustain a community. So, stick around, and stay active! You can be part of making community and discussions happen.

On the topic of Bram Stoker’s The Jewel Of Seven Stars, not yet, personally. One thing I’ve wanted to do, but not gotten around to doing, is create a Bram Stoker section at the library. Anyhow, consider pitching a review for that for the blog, or, when you’ve got access, post more about that to #discussion !

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