Klf 01 01 2017 wtf found vhs

KLF 01 01 2017 WTF FOUND VHS [HT John Higgs]

A Happy New Year present from @mr_hopkinson for all fans of The KLF (and Alan Moore, Ken Campbell, RAW, Dr Who etc)

Some speculation about this video is at Are Cult 90s Act KLF Making a Return? over at 52 Insights.

On January 1 a video entitled KLF 01 01 2017 WTF FOUND VHS was posted on YouTube. This bizarre 40 minute documentary has stoked the already circulating rumours that the acclaimed British electronic band are set to make a comeback in 2017.

The KLF, consisting of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, put on their final performance at the BRIT awards in 1992, which ended with Drummond firing blanks from a machine gun into the audience. The anarchic duo then sought to disrupt the alternative art world by establishing the K Foundation, controversially burning £1million in a video called ‘Watch the K Foundation Burn a Million Quid.’

This year will mark the 23rd anniversary of that notorious stunt as well as the 30th anniversary of the band’s formation. DJ Food, who played at the premier of this latest film in Bristol last year, has said that he is ‘looking forward to the return of the KLF in 2017’, while fans have also been quick to point out the prominence of the number 23 in the KLF’s music, which features in this cryptic message that has accompanied the documentary.