Library News for July 2016

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It’s the 15th of July and that means there is only one month left until the submissions deadline for this year’s anthology. This anthology is going to be awesome and a great way to celebrate the 20th year of the library online! Be sure to check out all eleven past anthologies. Gander at the call…

This residency idea is eerily similar to what I dream of doing. We must stay in touch and cooperate! Once I have a larger, proper Cabal Fang Temple of Hermetic Studies I imagine having residencies, visiting scholars, and so on. We could arrange exchange programs, cross promote, etc. Imagine if patrons of our organizations could enjoy free lodging at either location for a week or two each year, or some such? Cthulu says “Six thumbs up!”

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Definitely a lot of possibilities! Hastur says “Square root of negative one thumbs up!”