Life insurance


-I would like to have an opinion on the subject of life insurance. The organization of lodges (United Workmen, Knights of Pythias, Red Men, Masons, Odd Fellows, etc.) are working it just about like sectarianism in the churches.


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The second half of your post seems a bit confused and seems like it would require unpacking before really talking about it, but:

The history of modern fraternal organizations as, among other things, mutual assurance societies to provide for funerals and support for widows is well-known, and can be found in many places. They aren’t so much that anymore. But there was a time when having that kind of support and safety net was the only option for people. It was a function those organizations provided.

Before the insurance industry, such services were provided piecemeal by many different groups not as their primary stated function or business.

Not much at the library about that, but there’s plenty of information in books and online elsewhere. As mostly a question of fact, that’s not really something to provide an opinion about.