“long-lost languages that have almost entirely vanished from the historical record”



The Invisible Poems Hidden in One of the World’s Oldest Libraries. A new technique is revealing traces of lost languages that have been erased from ancient parchments.—Richard Gray, The Atlantic

The library at Saint Catherine’s Monastery is the oldest continually operating library in the world. Among its thousands of ancient parchments are at least 160 palimpsests—manuscripts that bear faint scratches and flecks of ink beneath more recent writing. These illegible marks are the only clues to words that were scraped away by the monastery’s monks between the 8th and 12th centuries to reuse the parchments. Some were written in long-lost languages that have almost entirely vanished from the historical record.

But now these erased passages are reemerging from the past. In an unlikely collaboration between an Orthodox wing of the Christian faith and cutting-edge science, a small group of international researchers are using specialized imaging techniques that photograph the parchments with different colors of light from multiple angles. This technology allows the researchers to read the original texts for the first time since they were wiped away, revealing lost ancient poems and early religious texts and doubling the known vocabulary of languages that have not been used for more than 1,000 years.


I believe these are hidden on stones in my area as well. What techniques can we use to bring out the hidde manuscripts?


Just from common sense, if you think there are actual stones in your area with as yet unknown authentic historical messages engraved on them, perhaps get in touch with the closest university or museum with history or archaeology depts for help determining if there is merit in the find and suggestions on next steps. But, don’t troll them. I’m sure they get all kinds of crazy calls, and don’t need more.


I actually let the universe guide me the one more as I was driving around aimlessly. I ended up pulling into this Apex house in the middle of nowhere where Muhammad Ali used to train. To my surprise, an archeologist had moved there to work on “Chapter 31 of Hawk Mountain” to basically try to change history.
I came to find that the stones I have are indeed actual artifacts, which opened a new study area close by.
I have waited a few years to actually admit I see the symbols/writings on them until now. I am aware that I will look crazy, but hopefully not the hermetics :grin: