Moved all the Pools and removed some Categories

I’d been thinking about this for a while now, and got a wild hair last night.

I moved all the posts from the previous Visual, Audio and Video Pools, which were sub-categories under Hermetic, into Gatherum. The Pools are now posts tagged Visual, Audio and Video in Gatherum.

I also moved all the posts in Arts & Letters, which was a top-level Category, into Discussion.

I removed a couple of other Categories that no one, including myself, was using, or that were obsolete. For example, the Hermeneuticon top-level Category doesn’t make as much sense now that I’ve moved all the stuff from the old Hermeneuticon site and folded them into the main library site.

I also removed a top-level Category for Odd Order. I had planned on bringing together into this BBS threads from my geeky Odd Order and my personal Arlecchino Malbenvolio blogs, but after futzing with the Patreon plugin that only, and probably will only ever, support linking one Patreon Creator to an instance of Discourse, I decided that I’d give up on that idea.

I had hoped that bringing together these threads would lead to some Barbelith cross-topic synergy, but if that happens it will be sparked by something else instead.

I think this will make the top-level Categories a little cleaner and simpler.

Wish the top-level Tags was more of a folksonomy version of Categories, but it looks pretty ugly and is poorly integrated within the UI. Apparently, from some comments I’ve read, tags and folksonomy are something that the Discourse devs don’t really like, so they don’t care.

The top level UI for tags is totally an afterthought and not polished. And, it’s not possible to add it to the main menu.

Okay, enough ranting about that.

I’ve also re-ordered the Categories as they appear on the Categories page linked in the menu. I always thought that was the main Barbelith-inspired part of Discourse, and have a soft spot for it because of that. I’ve also imagined that the Discussion top-level Category could, maybe, be the place where most of the Barbelith-style activity would happen, if it were ever to develop organically.

I don’t know if folding the old Arts & Letters posts will help Discussions start up, but it seemed like a good place for those. If there’s ever enough activity to warrant it, sub-categories could be added to help sort out Discussions, but there’s also the organic folksonomy of tags, which may really end up being better than more formal categories. So, if you end up being active in Discussion, be sure to add a relevant tag or two to start building that folksonomy!

In addition to the main, public Categories, there are also three hidden categories: Staff, Patron and Lounge. The first two should be relatively obvious, providing places for those who are designated Staff on the BBS (just me so far!) and for Patrons supporting the library on Patreon.

The Lounge is a space for Regulars, those who have achieved Trust Level 3 by being active on the BBS. It’s completely automatic when one becomes active enough access is granted. There are, at this moment, no Regulars on the BBS. So … it’s been a bit quiet in there.

Anyhow, I think and feel that the simpler and cleaner Categories are better than they were previously.