New Documentary on the Tarot - The 21 Faces of God



I have just completed a documentary on the major arcana of the Tarot and it’s available on YouTube. I am providing the link to the serialized playlist here, but there is also a long form version on my main YouTube channel.

The idea was not to make a cookbook type film, but to capture the narrative arc of The Fool’s journey. There are 27 parts to the film, an introduction, origins of the cards, archetypes in the cards, duality in the cards, structure of the major arcana, and finally, a section for each one of the major arcana.

I used clips from classic films, paintings, music from Bach and Vivaldi to Bill Evans and pop music, and commentaries from Joseph Campbell, Jung and even Terence Mckenna.

This was a two year project, a labor of love, and I hope have been able to make a unique contribution to our understanding of the cards.

I would love to hear you comments and if you enjoy it, please post it to social media.

Thanks and all the best,

Robert Bonomo