Newcomer in need of teacher


I just would like a teacher, ive been teaching myself for years only just by reading basicly all the material here,and whatever else I can find but this site is even better than my original way of searching for things ,individually ,which is very time consuming. But as I am without any type of teacher or anyone to talk to about these things, as all the people I am forced to interact with are mostly just plain stupid, ignorant, blind fools. That being said please accept me into some type of apprenticeship program somewhere, I dont care where just please I’m not from money but I’m smarter than most so I humbly ask to be a part of something worthwhile…


Greetings kRttR_,

The library is not directly associated with any initiatory or teaching order, and I really do not know anything about what might be available to you locally; or, you may have better luck seeking out some group with which to communicate long distance. Of course, your search engine of choice can be extremely useful in finding things based on criteria, such as keywords related to your interests, including orders which offer initiation or instruction in your areas of interest.

However, here’s some possibly useful information to get you started, which I send out to people asking this kind of question:

You may find something I posted to the library blog useful:

You can find out about local bodies of OTO, that you could get in contact with, via or, if you’re in the US via

There are only two Golden Dawn groups with which I have had direct contact, and both are Thelemic developments on the system: and

For teaching orders, you may also be interested in A.:A.: (a post-Golden Dawn, Thelemic teaching order) for which there are a number of contacts, including and

But, decide for yourself such things. You should rely on your own genius to determine with whom you want to communicate.

If you’re a complete beginner, of course, you might start with some basic practices. For example, you might start by reading

And, if you wish to continue along those lines, a great place to start on the Thelemic materials at the Hermetic Library site is

or, start perusing the materials at the library in general for a wealth of information

Thanks, ~g


Its almost impossible to find a teacher in internet, the best thing we can hope is find another initiate or someone else who is practicing and share each other experience but even to find a decent and knowledgeable initiate is also a challenge.


Personally, I have found, and think, that getting involved with things in my area has been the best way to find out more and meet people. Checking out groups that are doing active work is a great way to get a sense of them, as individuals, and whether they seem together and knowledgeable, as well as a sense of if the group feels like it is working well.

Connecting only through the Internet is not ideal, but it is a way to do initial research on what’s going on in one’s area; and to find groups one might not find otherwise because they aren’t in one’s area.

Still, one should always keep one’s wits about them, and make up one’s own mind about such things; especially when meeting people or groups for the first time in person; as one does.


Sorry, but I didn’t read much of that wall of text [which was removed by OP].

I wish you success in your search for like mind practitioners and groups, and I think the best way to do that is to get involved in actual activity in the real world. I suggest finding something going on local to you, and attending; get to know people and they can get to know you.


Hello kRttR_

It might have been more effective for you to ask specific questions…

I’m about to start a new thread - you’re very welcome to ask me anything. See you on the other side!

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Yeah, but on the bright side, they weren’t ever alive; so … still struggling to be born!


hello kRttR_
I would like to inform you that the teachers you are looking for are few and far between and that it is also possible to find magicians trying to take advantage of the lower initiates, especially when they are asking for help. I had to learn hermetics for my own defensive measures.
I would like to help you as I am writing textbooks for learning alchemy and hermetics as well as other topics and types of magicks. I am a white chaos hermetist and I absolutely love to teach this stuff, it’s what I came here for.
If you are still looking for help, please get ahold of me and I will do whatever I can for you.
<3 Weaver


We suggest you seek truth. You may wish to start with reading the Kybalion by the three initiates. Be(a)ware of much distractions, mis/dis-information. Seek on your own, seek truth, truth will resonate within you when it is found.
“The lips of wisdom are closed except to the ears of understanding”
“Listen to all, follow none”


Interestingly, perhaps, one should note the other works by William Walker Atkinson as well, who authored The Kybalion: The Definitive Edition, it has been established.

He has a very conversational style I’ve found, in most of the works by him that I’ve read; so quick and easy to approach.

There are of course many other works where one could start, by many authors, depending on what path and interests one has.


I am a practicing spiritualist. My father taught me that the source is the teacher. All this wonderful material will guide you to the true nature of self, higher self, and wisdom and truth of the source itself. As it was studied ancient word of God came from source to human, and multiplied to generations of shared knowledge. Blessings come from heaven to earth as always. I hope you find your path, and in silence of the mind is the golden path that opens to the eternal ocean of source light. That completes our David’s star intersecting triangles. One from above and one from below. Always a teacher the soul and higher self, the connections from us to God. Hope it helps you open your crown chakra and receive all light as is.


There is so much that can be said about the various metaphors for the joining of the human and divine, which is pretty central to many paths; and, at the same time, having other people on the path to be engaged with seems to me to be essential to normalizing and reality checking my own experiences, thoughts, feelings, and well being. Definitely seeking to always polish my vessel in order to embody the divine, but also remembering that I am a human like all others on this Earth and seeking the others of my specific ilk. At the same time, there are many ways to work as a solitary when beneficial, necessary, or unavoidable!


I’m new yet old. A beginner yet novice and future expert, collectively in minds sight of space the void is…I I, we are in the complete however so is still as not, thus…let it be so.★


I’m old enough to know I know nothing. But young enough to still think I might learn it all if I try!