No Free Lunch


No free lunch : but who provides the necessary slack that allows said payment?

Who is the original coin-holder? The ace of disks. A hand issues forth from a cloud, offering the boon of bread; there will be lunch. There will be payment. The source the source. Given freely, but with a catch! You must catch! Juggle, to and fro, participate in the snake-dance. Awaken ye slumbering dormancies. Ye idling ones intertwined with the substrate. Awaken and join the dance.

Paradox as leverage. The fulcrum of futility. Mentally struggle, grapple with the writhing leviathan. Pry. Raise your mind above the din. Raise your awareness up out beyond mind.

What are you trying to find? Will you eat the fruit off the vine? Follow the corded-twine? To the stalk; to stalk, pounce upon the stem and follow your curiosity down to the root. Drink freely the black waters in the earth. Feel the sun. The moon. You are a tree between them, an angel and a demon. You are a human beacon. Guide-post lantern-bearing torch crystal tether to bring in lost souls from the nether. Scrying the aether. Sighing with pleasure. Beholder beholden. Betrodden Betrothen. Wake up Poseidon. Open your heart past the horizon.

Summary for the year 2017
Summary for the week ending Mar 19, 2017