streaming seeing and inject attitudes of amorphic syllables I see the principles, displayed ventricles, malleable fate, growing in the water of lakes so for the sake of incongruence please intercede, please believe, I go as I know where is I am to be sense and logic break down in the face of irrationality why must I constantly examine how I feel? Expectations are what makes it real. Synapses snap under the tension, what is the nature of this invention? To focus, hocus pocus, produce words, abracadabra, I create as I speak thunderbolts across the sky streak. Miserable mandibles chew chew chew all day long, obey the whims of the throng, half asleep, herded like sheep, overwhelming anxiety begins to creep, seep in with the bad water, under the rocks he is there, waiting with calculus in his hair. So what’s next? at break neck speed I see the field tilled with fallow and in it mutagenic crops wallow, rows and rows and rows and rows, make sure four times it goes, because its significant, brilliant orbs and harmonious spheres, feeling trapped and engulfed, alive in the dunes, a vista opens to our doom, at the edge of the world, meaning unfurled, banners of quantum resonance, flagships of traveling ghosts, who make the most, but leave it all behind in a heap. Time keeps slipping, and my mind lacks the strength to keep gripping. See? Do you see? What once was still is, what is to come is in your living room, scattered detritus, constellations unite us and our attempts, nothing is exempt, all inclusive and intrusive eyes seeing eyes, lies feeding lies, fire and wood, boulders and they should roll, tin foil avocado, not today but certainly tomorrow, underneath I bequeath seeketh the tender meat of the lamb? Seeketh he the jubilation of the masses, locked in boxes, talking to foxes, Seuss sleuth brooding brewer hailing from the slums and the sewers of intoxication he talks with vocation to destroy and perhaps to employ the service of the grim. Do you see him? With a tall scythe and a jagged knife? He keeps the dagger sheathed in the earth, sealed by warm dirt, in the loam nutrients are stripped from the decaying bones, and calcified they lay stagnant and inert, but deep inside there is a holy mirth, from the abyss calleth Dionysus, with his wine he doth please us, with his mind he doth free us, from subjugation to thou shalt and thou shalt do this, thou shalt and thou shalt think not rebellious thoughts, lay down lay down, law before you must be prostrate, such a command doth infuriate, yes take a clue and disband the objects from this malevolent glue, the subjects too. So close to the edge, nature is groomed and see there observe the pampered hedge. In disgust. Into the web of human folly we are thrust. Turbulence jostles the hostile feelings out from the cracks and into the ceiling. My mind is still reeling, and for clues I scan the paths, roads not frequented by others, toads liked by my brothers, ancient seeing eye scanning the sky with acuity, infinity in fifty minutes, better prepare your utensils, better remove the glare from the lash, and discard your silken sash, walk the earth until the solar flares scorcheth you, swim the see until the water dissolveth you. Acid and salt, flagons of malt, devilish dreams and boiling over reality which teareth at the seems. And nothing is as it is, or isn’t. Everything in its places, olives and windmills, spiders and power drills. Turgid waters, hermetic vessel, sublimations and assimilation, nutrients absorbed, power centralized and contorted to deformity for the sake of massive conformity. The grooves they follow, working the machine, the molds they fit, never to split. Archetypal catastrophe, zodiac signs imprison thee and me and I and thou, out of this prison out out out chaos I gladly favor, for I may assign it my own flavor, mandala reflection, personality and things never mentioned about identity, the brain is an eye possessed by entities and scattered thoughts, but I’m stranded in a drought on a recently risen oceanic plateau, humbled by the ebb and the flow. Strangled, spangled, covered in thoughts I must wrangle and enslave, or banish to the recesses of the caves, time keeps slipping, what am I missing? Seeking a restorative, I implore I to myself to give, I am the medicine the vessel and the “let us in!” I am the muscle, the brain and the torrential downpour of sacred rain. Father sky and mother earth, together we can lift this curse, on my own I don’t fare any worse, I am my throne and filter, from the goblet ambrosia froths, and filth is made golden, trouble and aquatic thermal vents, what is left? Deeper still I must delve into the depths, nearer and ever nearer still, my inhibitions I must forget, transmutate and reshape into strengths. Metamorphoses, I am growing with the trees, flowing with the breeze, release of blockage with great ease and satisfaction, now is the time to reformulate the nature of my action. Why hold myself back? There is a clear way, the steps of a pyramid to ascend, and in the necropolis doth rest my very best to be reanimated and resurrected, reborn and reinvented. To shirk the duties of a thousand empires and memorandum charts, to the bureaucrats I take the violence of my art, emanating like smoke from the fiery mountain from the very depths of my heart. Exalted I, psyche whole, and holistic I know, fill the gaps with awareness, the brain is a prism and mind is refracted, made multitudinous, split the hair, cut the block, chop the wood, part the waters and I am understood. Complicate to simplify, concentrate to magnify, symmetrical orb of orbs sphere of spheres, calibrating every instant to your hopes and fears, desire has trapped you hear, but to the source you are near, misspellings convey a secret meaning, the un and the conscious for tea are meeting. Rebirth and the lifting of an old curse, empty caskets, Osiris emerges from his leaden hearse, rise from the bottom of the see, swim vigorous, swim with valor, rise from your abodes and squalor. Petty preoccupations and constant invocation of the calf and the fiend, restore the ballast and take off to sea. Choppy waters, maelstroms and the maw of Charybdis, surrounded and confounded by the beings beyond comprehension, a churning in the abyss, a memory from beyond all recollection, collect pick up what you dropped and scatter again anew across the cosmos and into, in two, in three and four, the number line is a gateway, a secret door, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 , repetition, a self rolling wheel, a spiral, a helix, a serpent from the depths of the spine emerges, meditation, third eye fixed on this equation, what adds up must add down, divide the fragments of the crown, golden shards, murky gemstones, and a secret soul within. Germination, complication, separation, subdivision to the highest power, exponential inverted tower, it grows in on itself, built by the old ones, elves, keepers of the spice. On this surface we are here to create and proliferate purpose, and meaning. Of language our word web is spun, and magical songs must be sung eternally to map and maintain the ineffable shape of our mystery. Cognition copies and produces its best rendition, but behind the veil there is yet another fable, a tale and a table, a holy yea unto paradox, confounding wits and reason, cycling in its own Stygian seasons. From every angle of this impossible shape, our wisdom attempts to contemplate. Associative synaptic, neurons indefinitely plastic and subject to change, rearranged by novel exposures to the strange and menacing, the bizarre and uplifting, to stand on one’s own shoulders to see beyond the borders, spinning in a widening gyre, caste into the alchemical fire. Overlept now to undergo, through the dark caverns of madness and atop the mountains of Lucifer the lucid, light-bringer and counterpart of cupid, for the serpent the snake disseminates love in all its cruelty and mystifying beauty, knowledge, vegetal gnostics, encapsulated prophets dwelling in spheres which dash across the sky like comets, many lost in the twisted passages of shadowy labyrinths, pieces of the puzzle to be completed, confusion is to be, at least in me, utterly defeated, until when again it comes to be heeded by my call, when curled in a fetal ball I am again to be completed, when in the cocoon I am to be reformed and forewarned of my destiny, a participatory dance between I and the forces next to me, from all sides and angles, in all crevices and from all heights dangled like glow worms, to be digested does indeed burn, but the pain is necessary if one seeks to learn and proceed, so to the dismemberment one must concede, to be reborn like a sprout from a long dormant seed. To grow into the might and to the highest heights of extended branched arms and living sun drinking leaves and deepest depths of twisting roots extracting waters and nutrients and soma food. The pith is the seat of the stone, the cambium the fibrous bone, the bark the living skin and scales, from the hermetic vessel wafts fumes, holy intoxicants and Brahma’s billion blinking eyelids. The unification and cooperation of contending wills, which vie for the throne of perception, now swept into the rapids of psychic fluidity, now on the lotus-seat the awakened eye, gazes inwards outwards in all dimensions and directions, unfolded in untold brilliance, incommunicable presence. Here and now, ever to be repeated in a cacophony of aeonic forms, each riding the current of the beam, the one force, contained within all of everything, resonating with deep meaning, blending seamlessly into the void. The universal mind in total synethsesia, homogeneous, yet differentiated, independent and interrelated. A shifting mosaic, a kaleidoscoping umbral emanation. A puzzle, a paradox, swallowing its own tale, a treasure, the grail, the stone, confounding and boundless beyond all measure.

Summary for the year 2017
Summary for the week ending Mar 19, 2017

amazing and clear, thank you.