Omnium Gatherum: September 16, 2018


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An irregular hodgepodge of links gathered together … Omnium Gatherum for September 16, 2018

  • Occulture: Aleister Crowley & Rudolf Steiner, an on-demand lecture by Carl Abrahamsson

    Abrahamsson Occulture Aleister Crowley and Rudolf Steiner

    "Aleister Crowley and Rudolf Steiner were two of the most influential spiritual and religious teachers of the 20th century. Their respective philosophical systems of Thelema (Crowley) and Anthroposophy (Steiner) today engage tens of thousands of people in all regions of the world. When comparing their teachings, we can see both similarities and differences. But… the similarities weigh considerably heavier than the differences. Why is that? Were they tapping into something greater in their Zeitgeist? An overall cosmic, pro-individualistic philosophy they both simply developed in their own systemic languages? If so, then maybe their differences were just strictly personal, with one very distinct Dionysian character (Crowley) and one Apollonian (Steiner), according to Nietzsche’s categorization. In this lecture, I look at these giants and try to sort out what’s what and who’s who. Join me!"
  • "The Chip Butty Is the Deranged Nonsensical Sandwich of My Dreams" — Alex Siquig, GQ; from the 93 dept.
    "Blood pudding, mushy peas, Marmite, brown sauce, cucumber sandwiches, beans on toast: The British adhere to the 'eat what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law' custom of chowing down—that is to say, devouring whatever the hell bizarre thing they want and worrying about things such as caloric intake and dignity afterward."
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    million dollar idea: ouija board with unicode support

    — Dan Devorkin (@asap_devorkin) September 13, 2018
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    — catposting™ (@kittiesbot) September 15, 2018
  • Make your dream — The Auracle, YouTube
  • Happy Birthday Teaser for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina — Netflix, YouTube
  • Tweet by Doth; from the 93 dept.

    It’s a perfect night to become possessed by a demon. Do what you want. You’re an adult.

    — Doth (@DothTheDoth) September 5, 2018
  • "'Devil letter' written by nun 'possessed by Satan' more than 300 years ago has finally been translated" — Courtney Pouchin, Mirror UK

    Devil letter written by nun Mirror UK

    "The letter, is said to describe God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as 'deadweights' and states: 'God thinks he can free mortals' but 'this system works for no one.'

    It even goes as far as to claim that God was invented by man."

  • Tweet by Julie Bogan; from the Faster-Pussycat dept.

    Was researching mass hysteria after the outbreak plane today. Found this and oh my god it is the best.

    — Julie Bogen (@JaBogen) September 6, 2018
  • "[ST. AUGUSTINE] shirt" — owen cyclops

    owen cyclops St Augustine shirt

  • "WATCH: Can You Affect Another Person's Behavior With Your Thoughts?" — Liana Simstrom, NPR; from the Spooky-Action-at-a-Distance dept.
    "Do you think that the private thoughts in your head could influence how other people — or creatures — act? The answer is "Of course not," right? Because to say yes would be to admit you believe in mind control or telekinesis or some other phenomenon usually reserved for superhero comic books.

    But early in his career, a research psychologist named Bob Rosenthal wasn’t so sure. So to test his hypothesis, he designed a devious experiment."

    “Scientists are still studying this phenomenon in people, Dweck says, learning more about ‘things that are possible and mechanisms through which a belief affects an outcome or one person affects another person.’”

  • Synesthesia Tarot Deck — Jana Walker, crowdfunding at Kickstarter; from the 17-Days-to-Go dept.
    "Traditional tarot cards tend to be heavily illustrated. However, this deck stems from my desire to create a modern and unique tarot deck that anyone can connect to. The cards still retain the meaning of traditional tarot cards, yet strip away the extra layers with clean and simple line drawings. I used this deck as a chance to fuse both my love for design and tarot, and believe it can serve as a companion deck for avid users, an introductory deck for a brand new user, or as a statement piece in someone's home. "