OUTSIDE an anthology



OUTSIDE an anthology is a new release that may be of interest. “A collection of today’s finest horror writers alongside a stunning array of visual artists, fight their demons… And the demons win! In a diverse, thought provoking, disturbing and powerful comics anthology for our times.”

OUTSIDE is a a horror anthology in the classic 50s tradition of EC et al, but featuring the absolute cutting edge of current graphic story telling and the new comics form.

It is a graphic anthology featuring horror stories for grown ups, stories to take you outside. Outside the norm, outside your comfort zone. While being produced to the highest standards by cult creator Ash Pure, the first project he has produced for another publisher, the book can go up against, but will always stand apart from the mainstream. it is progressive, demanding and beautiful but, importantly it has the content to match its style.

And while the comic might be seen as being specifically designed to offend the current powers that be, it’s important to note it has no political agenda. It’s not here to answer burning questions. It is here to give voice to those who have been excluded for those who’d rather not integrate, for all those that would rather remain… OUTSIDE.


HEX-CHANGE: Visionary artist Amit Elan and porn star Author Conner Habbib team up to tell a story of magical activism.

Legendary writer Joe R. Lansdale and the inimitable Daniele Serra dig deep into the horror of social isolation in THE BOY WHO BECAME INVISIBLE.

Author Chesya Burke and Artist Jennifer y Crute take us to 1920’s Harlem where prostitutes, gangs and racist cops must face a gifted child and a voodoo deity in SHIV.

Speculative fiction Icon John Shirley and acclaimed comic artist Gabriel S Moses explore the depth of guilt in SOLID a tale of patricide and grave robbing.

In SIILKY’S ROOM by Travis Jeppesen and Winston Chmielinski a teenage girl turns into a plant… and likes it.

Weird Fiction’s avant garde master Joseph S. Pulver and artist Kim Bo Yung show how sexual obsession can lead to the darkest pit of despair in KNOTS, GESTURES AND POSITIONS .

Outside features more disturbing tales and art by Diamanda Galas / Lavie Tidhar / Lynda Rucker / Sean Hogan / Maura Mchugh / Matthew Dunn / John Riordan / Sarah Ann Langton

OUTSIDE is 148 pages offset printed on 115 gsm Munken White paper. Perfect bound with wrap around gate-fold cover