Patreon and BBS Integration is working!

I posted this over on Patreon, but thought I’d follow up on my recent aside about working on getting it working that it works now.

In addition the recent updates to the visual appearance and logo for the BBS, I’ve been doing some work on the integration between Patreon and the BBS. It appears this has been successful!

Patrons with the Patreon Lounge perk will automatically be given access when they log in to the BBS using Patreon credentials or if their account has the same email as used on Patreon it will be added next time the integration syncs.

The big part of this for Patrons here with the perk of access to the exclusive Patron Lounge on the BBS. They will automatically be granted permissions to that once they’ve created a BBS account. They’ll also be added to the Patron group, be given a Title, and have a special bit of flair added to their user avatar, on the BBS. Those last bits are for a little fun, but are also ways to display just how attractive, erudite, and all around awesome Patrons are for supporting the library and making it all possible!


Previously, Patrons had permissions granted automatically on the Voice Chat server, but now it’s for both Voice Chat and BBS. Which is great for me, because I don’t have to manually update that every time. But, I hope it’s also great for Patrons!