So this happened then … the new Hrmtc Underground BBS!

Well, here it is. First post, of sorts, on the new Hrmtc Underground BBS!

I’ve intended to develop some kind of place for discussion related to the various library sites for quite a while. Truth is I actually did have a complete WP Multisite / BuddyPress installation up and running, but it didn’t quite work well. I shopped around for existing communities where I might develop an ongoing relationship for the library, but nothing quite worked out with that idea either.

Well, I’ve been watching the development of Discourse, and have been somewhat anxiously awaiting the point when it was usable and reliable enough to build something. Although the software at this point is not 1.0 release, it seems to be mature enough to start using for my purposes. Have you seen which is the Boing Boing forum? This is the same software. It offers a modern forum experience and feature set, but really does remind me a bit of the old days as well. There’s a hint of the old Citadel feeling for me, and there seems to be some inspiration from Barbelith in the design and philosophy as well.

Honestly I’m not sure what will come of this, but most of what I do with the library is directly one-way communication, and only indirectly two-way. I’ve been somewhat seriously contemplating starting again with a new online discussion forum which I think I can leverage for a number of tasks related to the library, so it has a reason to exist in and of itself, and I could imagine that might be of interest as a platform for others to engage around their projects.

I’ve want to create a forum space related to the library, but I keep putting it off, so … who knows, right? It’s a big commitment on my part, and I’ve held back a bit from striking out on that addition. I feel like it needs to need to exist in order to exist, so to speak, and so I’ve been leaving it on the back burner. I imagine this will be a bit of a beta test for a while …

One place that I hope this platform will be useful is to add discussion links to each page of the library itself, which will lead to a dedicated category, so people can discuss the materials. That’s got the potential to be a can of worms, of course, but we’ll see! Other places where I think this platform will be useful is in adding discussion space for the various Hrmtc Underground blogs and tumblogs, and a place for a forum available exclusively for the Patrons who are supporting the campaign over at Patreon. I have also hoped to leverage this place to create an actual arts & letters pool, and a place where people can submit goods and services as well as calendar events that they want to let people know about (and that I can consider posting to the blog to help!)

In addition to finding ways to integrate discussions across the library for various purposes, it would be cool and exciting keystone project to show off the tool as a platform for discussion partners … well, it could be awesome, but I don’t know if anyone would be interested in that possibility. One of the things I’ve contemplated is how I could provide a platform for projects looking to have discussion space, and I’d been primarily thinking of other esoteric blogs … but, this can be something where there’s a dedicated forum for nifty projects, similar to the vision and subject matter of the library where people can engage each other.

Anyhow, this happened, and now it is a matter of finding out where things go from here!

What do you think?