“Swami Vivekananda … famously remarked that it was a ‘lunatic asylum’”



Dalit Priests Are A Welcome Development, But What Did Marxists Have To Do With It?—Aravindan Neelakandan, Swarajya

Recently there has been the much-hyped story about the appointment of Dalit priests in Kerala’s state-controlled temples. The left-wing government has been praised for the move. With the recruitment of six priests from the Scheduled Community and 36 others from Other Backward Classes (OBC), the Kerala government has earned the kudos of the media.

The old media has showcased this development as a progressive Marxist state bringing radical reforms to the caste-ridden Hindu society battling orthodoxy.

What such media spin and ideological chest-thumping hide or downplay are facts about the decades of ground work that has gone into making the Hindus of all communities priests in the state.

Swami Vivekananda during his visit to Kerala, observing the notorious caste tyranny, famously remarked that it was a ‘lunatic asylum’.