Tarot Writing Workshop in Oakland starting on Feb. 21st

Tarot Writing with Marjorie will be held at the Liminal Center in Oakland. This is a six-week workshop starting on Feb. 21st. Cost is on a sliding scale and there are work-study positions available.

I’ll be bringing in at least 11 decks for students to use. I review Tarot decks, so I have some special new ones (such as the Orbifold Tarot, the Impressionist Tarot, and the Silver Witchcraft Tarot) as well as some classic decks (like the Rider-Waite-Smith, a Visconti reproduction, and a mini-Marseille) to share. And you can use your own deck if you prefer!

We’ll cover Tarot letters, Tarot poetry (check out my recently published anthology, which you can order online: https://tarotpoetry.wordpress.com/), and Tarot fiction (which I taught at U.C. Berkeley last year).

Information about registration and the Liminal Center can be found here: http://theliminalcenter.com/2016/01/24/liminal-winter-workshops/

If you live outside the Bay Area and would like to take an online version of my course, please let me know! I’d be happy to work with you via email/Skype.

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My Tarot Writing Workshop has changed times and is now accepting drop-ins. You can join us any week or come every week! Individual drop-in classes are $40, and there is a work-study option available if your funds are limited. Email gina@theliminalcenter.com to register.

Next week we’ll be crafting Tarot letters. Check out my article on the subject for a sneak peek at what we’ll be doing: http://www.spiralnature.com/magick/epistolary-tarot-love-letting-go-learning/

Please see the flyer for the full schedule of upcoming classes. Questions? E-mail gina@theliminalcenter.com

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