"the inside of the Tower of Babel, a perfectly fascinating pastiche of Bruegel's original"



Painting reveals interior of Bruegel’s Tower of Babel—Rob Beschizza, Boing Boing [HT Xeni Jardin]

Artist and animator Katsuhiro Otomo of Akira fame, with collage artist Kōsuke Kawamura, painted this view of the inside of the Tower of Babel, a perfectly fascinating pastiche of Bruegel’s original

Otomo visited the original painting in Rotterdam’s Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen so he could study it carefully in detail. He even stumped the resident curators with his questions. For instance, they weren’t sure where the tower’s entrance was, but Otomo thinks he found it. He also noticed a river flowing into the tower and in the background, so he included it in his cutaway.

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Perhaps the whole mythological concept represents oneself… and our labyrinth of thought, aspirations and self feeding? … in the end surpassing any format of language apart from a telepathy that transcends time and ourselves…


Certainly one way to interpret the story of the Tower of Babel as metaphor, but the article isn’t about that. It’s an interesting project. Kinda like the way that the After Tarot and Tarot of the New Vision consider Rider-Waite-Smith from another perspective.