The ‘Occult Macrohistory’ of Aleister Crowley



The ‘Occult Macrohistory’ of Aleister Crowley is a new paper posted by Ian Drummond that may be of interest.

The life and work of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) has until recent times “been almost ignored by academic scholarship” and “largely ignored by the historians of religion.” If among his contemporaries Crowley had a reputation as ‘bad, mad and dangerous to know’ and for his students was ‘one hell of a holy guru’ then we should not be surprised. No doubt his philosophical marginality and sexual outlook (an ‘unholy trinity’ of sodomy, masturbation, and ‘solar phallicism’) account in part for this neglect. In equal measure these same qualities make his work of increasing interest and fascination to scholars mapping the cultural, social and ‘occult’ transitions of the twentieth century.

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