“There are ’23 results’ when you do an Amazon ‘search inside the book’ for the search term ‘Illuminati.’“



Yes, the Illuminati influenced Beethoven, a biography says—Tom Jackson, RAWIllumination.net

Swafford says that Beethoven was exposed to Illuminati and Freemason ideas by one of his early teachers, Christian Neefe, and influenced by those ideas all of his life. There are “23 results” when you do an Amazon “search inside the book” for the search term “Illuminati.”

Neefe argues, convincingly I thought, that these Illuminati ideas influenced the composition of two of Beethoven’s most famous symphonies, the Third (or “Eroica”) and the Ninth. For example, Beethoven paid close attention to which keys he used, and the Third was composed in E-flat major, which Swafford says was the key Mozart used for Masonic music, such as The Magic Flute, which Swafford says was Beethoven’s favorite Mozart opera. Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” poem, used as the text for the last movement of the Ninth, was often sung in various musical settings, in Illuminati and Freemason meetings, Swafford says. Beethoven made several attempts to set it to music in his career, finally succeeding with his last symphony.

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