Thinking about tags for Omnium Gatherum, maybe

I’ve thought about the fact that I don’t tag Omnium Gatherum posts here off and on for a while. I thought about just tagging them “gatherum”, like how I do with posts in the video, audio and visual pools.

But today, as I was posting some, I thought about how I tend to pull in a lot of things that interest me. That made me think about my idea that the library helps to cross some public, practitioner, scholar divides; which I’ve called the “town-gown-tau” or “town-gown-cowl” divide.

So, I’m thinking about “town” “gown” “tau” and maybe also “pew” for tags on Omnium Gatherum posts to create groupings around public, academic/scholar, practitioner, and maybe also Odd Order subject matter, respectively.

Just thinking out loud about it.

I kinda wish the tagging feature here was more robust, and actually created a useful dynamic folksonomy structure more similar to the way the categories work. One could then pick which structure one wanted to use; the political category landscape or the vernacular folksonomy landscape, as it were.