Three years! But, would anyone miss it if it were gone?

The BBS just recently gave me another year anniversary badge, which actually means this has been running for three years now! That’s pretty cool. That’s a whole lot of posts I’ve been making here, mostly to #announce and #gatherum. Lots of interesting links and things I’ve found along the way.

But, it’s sure quiet in here by myself. I can’t help but wonder, since there’s only very rarely any indication, maybe someone likes a post every other month or so, that anyone is even reading any of this. I’m starting to wonder what the point was, and have to remind myself why I’m putting in so much work on posting here.

I posted back in May '14 my initial thoughts about the BBS at So this happened then … the new Hrmtc Underground BBS!. I posted a bit more in Oct '16 at What this BBS could mean to you.

As a place where I could gather together links for Omnium Gatherum and for Community Announcements, the BBS has definitely served a purpose for me personally, but if no one else cares I might as well have just been saving bookmarks in my browser, as saved all the time spent formatting and posting.

The library blog commenting has been set up to work over in #hrmtc for a while now, but not much interest in that has materialized. I’ve not been able yet to integrate the BBS into the actual site as a way to discuss pages since the switch to the new infrastructure at the beginning of the year, but even when it was hooked up to the old site there wasn’t much interest or activity.

I’d recently been hoping that including the BBS in the pitch submission process would be another way to use this site. There wasn’t any activity on that for the first submission, and there’s not been any other submissions since. So, that seems like a fizzle.

So, I’m wondering if there’s a point. Is there a point? I know lots of people browse the BBS, mostly without logging in. Any of you with accounts care about this resource and willing to let me know? Any of you without accounts care to create accounts to let me know?

What do you think is the point? Is this BBS worth enough to you to say something?

Or should I just give up on this project? Maybe three years is long enough to bang my head against the wall.

<:// Keep doing the [GOOD] work. >

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Well, thanks for the kind words and I appreciate the encouragement. But, given the way things have gone on the BBS, it’s still pretty tempting to just move my #announce and #gatherum posts back to the blog. BBS as a place to discuss posts and post discussions hasn’t quite been compelling for people, it seems. Which is fine, really; but also kind of a bummer. It is what it is!

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