“until recently, there were no known photographs of [Paul Gauguin] on [Tahiti]”


Recently Discovered Photographs May Be the Only Ones of Paul Gauguin in Tahiti. Two photographs taken on the same day in July 1896 show a person resembling known photos of Gauguin as well as the artist’s self-portraits.—Claire Voon, Hyperalergenic; Paul Gauguin was added by Aleister Crowley in 1921 as a Gnostic Saint of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica.

Paul Gauguin left us with a trove of artworks recording the landscapes and women he encountered in Tahiti, but, until recently, there were no known photographs of the artist on the French Polynesian island. Now we may have two; slightly blurry, they show a man some experts have identified as the painter enjoying a picnic with Tahitian women, or vahine, and other European companions.

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