Weiser Antiquarian Books Catalogue #165 A Winter Miscellany



Weiser Antiquarian Books Catalogue #165 A Winter Miscellany just announced.

Unlike our normal catalogues, many of the items in the “Winter Miscellany” are listed first under the subject, followed by the author’s name. So as not to confuse our long-term listings, these subject headings will only show for the first few days of the catalogue’s life - after that we will remove the subject headings, and the books will be listed under the author’s name only. Of course you can always search for the books by the title, or by the unique book number (the number in brackets before the price) both of which will remain unchanged.

Some of the subjects, and a few of the authors whose works are listed in this catalogue, are:

Albigensian Crusade; Alice A. Bailey; Animal Magnetism, Astrology; William Walker Atkinson; Frederick C. Bakewell; Binding / Anti-Catholic; H. P. Blavatsky; Jacob Boehme; P.E.I. Bonewits; Canaanite Deities; Character Analysis Chart; Chartres; Christianity - Early; Curious and Bizarre; Demosthenes; Depth Psychology; Desatir; Dreams; Egyptian Archaeology; Linda Falorio; Flagellation; Major-General J. G. R. Forlong; Dion Fortune; Fourth Way; Freemasonry; Gnosticism; Heptangle Books; Herbal; Godfrey Higgins; Hypnotism; E. V. Kenealy; Kenyon R. Klamonti; Lore of Precious Stones; H. P. Lovecraft; Lee Lozowick; Magical Blend Magazine; G. R. S. Mead; Mediaeval Monasticism; Mesopotamian Deities; Mind Control; Mithraism; Mystery Religions; Mysticism; Nema; Ninjas; Occult Divination; Philosophy; Philosophy of Religion; Prophecy; Pyramidology; Qabalah; Reference; Israel Regardie; Rosicrucianism; Runes; Scarabs; Scarlet Imprint; W. B. Seabrook; F. W. Sears; Shamanism; Sleep; Solomon and Marcolf; Joanna Southcott; Austin Osman Spare; Stonehenge & Abury; Montague Summers; The Supernatural Magazine; Superstition; Theology; UFOs; Unconscious; Vampyre; Vibration; Arthur Waley; Witchcraft; Yoga.