What is the point of it all?


Short of being yet another poisonous religion, what is the point of exploring Thelema or Magick? It was never intended to be another belief system. If not, then what?


You’ve poisoned your own question, I’m afraid. First, you’ve conflated Thelema and Magick. You claim to ask if there’s a point to the exploration beyond being a poisonous religion and then claim that exploration was never was meant to be a belief system. You’ve also mistaken the exploration of the thing for the thing explored.

You’ve clearly got some strong opinions not fully unpacked here, and that are making this question a bit of a rhetorical trap.

What are these things to you? If you’ve explored them, what have you gotten from them. If you haven’t explored them, why are you here?

For me, Magick is a particular set of tools for and training about getting things done and Thelema is a particular philosophy about what needs to be done. These are both part of a journey of discovery about myself and the world.


When I read this topic I was sure that it was going to be a discussion on defining a point in space with no magnitude. So, I suppose in a way I’m breaking a cardinal rule and going off topic. If a point in space can’t be defined, then nothing can be defined,ever. It’s like the Einstein quote about no two points ever actually meeting except going a step further and saying that the two points were never separate to begin with. Meaning… nothing is absolute? Whatever is…isn’t? And everything is changeable. It would be nice to hear other people’s thoughts that have done the point in space meditation.

Back on topic, there is no point, it’s a way.


“What” “is” “the” “point” “of” “it” “all” “?”

Begs the question of topic and scope. Indeed also presumes “what”, without definition or perspective. Let’s say instead “Tell us more about your perspective, at this point, on how your experience of esotericism” rather than “what”.

“Is” is isness, isn’t it? Seems like we could do better with “seems” seems seemly.

“the” denies plurality or sumbunallity. Perhaps, we could say “a meaningful” instead.

“point” assumes a value judgement without providing scope or perspective. Let’s say rather, “system of practice or thought”.

“of” has the taint of dualism about it, doesn’t it? Let’s consider eliding this completely by opting to use “for” instead.

“it” came from outer space to steal our precious resources.

“all” mistakes the specific for universal without granularity and forgets any measurement must include a margin of error. Let’s keep this personal, and speak for ourselves, by using “you” … not to use you, however.

“?” has a hunch there’s a “!” soldier back in the wings, hiding in ambush. Loaded question is loaded.

Perhaps, therefore, a more useful question would have been for the original poster to ask: “Tell us more about your perspective, at this moment in time, on how your experience of esotericism seems a meaningful system of practice or thought for you.”

And, in solidarity, the original poster could very well have offered to go first, instead of just dropping the ball.


Perhaps no point suggests Pointless.

or there’s a pointless button we can press?

or is there a point to be found somewhere?


Point! There is that word again! Maybe you could change it to say, “at this moment in time”. However, that too would be undefinable (according to the theory that all time is occurring at once). Both words could be excised from modern vocabulary, of course, making all forms of communication point-less and time-less…


Arg! Yes. Oops. I’ve edited my previous to reflect this suggestion.

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