What this BBS could mean to you

There’s a post in meta on BoingBoing’s BBS asking people to reflect on 3 years of the discussion site being up, at What the BBS means to me. There’s some interesting thoughts, and some silliness, reflecting on their BBS. It seems relevant to what I’ve hoped for this place also.

Of course, I’ll keep using this place as a tool for where I do things related to Hermetic Library, whether people end up participating or not; but I thought I’d share that thread as an example of what the BBS here could be, if only. Careful what I ask for, I know, right?

But, if you read through that, consider what this BBS could mean to you. And, if you feel like it, share your thoughts about this BBS or other boards and BBSs. What have you loved or appreciated about your experiences? What have you wished or wanted from them that you might help create here?